[Noisebridge-discuss] The Radio gauntlet is not tossed.

Norman Bradley pryankster at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 01:22:40 UTC 2013

A while back people were talking about getting a part of the Radio 
Spectrum for Noisebridge. Well here it is. I can work out the technical 
parts but somebody else needs to take care of the filings. The window of 
opportunity is October 15-29, 2013 and for the first time urban stations 
will be allowed. The license holder must have been in the community for 
at least 2 years.

The range is about 10 miles although given our location at the bottom of 
a valley I wouldn't bet on it. With this power it is line-of-sight. We 
should be able to hit Dolores Park and most of the Market Street area 
from the Civic Center North. Bayview and Hunter's Point? Forget it there 
is a hill in the way. These are just guesses.

We need to prove that we won't interfere with existing stations. That 
starts with just walking around the Mission and listening to your FM 
Radio. The more technical details I will work out with some modeling 
software later.

The FCC is giving extra points to stations that will be on the air at 
least 20 hours a day and is "publicly accessible". A good time to reach 
out to our neighbors. I am assuming that some of that can be 
pre-recorded or streamed in from the net. If it is coming over the net 
we will need to be very careful about who has access. There's that whole 
no profanity rule.

So let us get K - - - on the air. KNOS, NBRG, KNOI are all taken and it 
must start with a K, West of the Mississippi and all.

So here are some of the relevant web sites:
The original article from John Hightower: 
The Prometheus Radio Project, "Freeing the airwaves from corporate 
control": http://www.prometheusradio.org/
More information from Prometheus: 

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