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Jim Gleason jim at opiate.org
Tue Aug 20 08:08:22 UTC 2013

As one who has leg and feet problems, it really is a chore to climb those long 2 flights of steps. To be clear, you must close *BOTH* the inner and outer doors, with the inner door flush against the wall with the floor selector pad on it. If it bounces back the safety latch wont engage right and it wont move. It does this when one just gives the gate a good push instead of closing it or when you walk out and think it springs-closes automatically.

Douglas Benner <greenshoos at gmail.com> wrote:

>this is the 4th time today the elevator has been stuck on the 3rd
>floor because somebody didnt close the door after exiting.
>your not the only one who uses the elevator, please have some respect
>and close the door when you exit the elevator.
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