[Noisebridge-discuss] Front door lock broken

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri Aug 23 08:45:39 UTC 2013

I really would prefer if you could put more information in your post but i 
guess this will have to do.  I understand if you don't want to say who 
fixed and is guarding the gate, but it would be nice to know.

Really what would be helpful would be to know what you think was done to 
sabotage the door?  I saw that the cat5 cable to the payphone was cut at 
some point, and someone spliced all the wires together and fixed it.

that person didn't even bother to write a message to the list such as 
"someone cut the wires to the payphone today and i fixed it"

it really makes me mad when these oogle fucks, who sleep in our 
hackerspace every night, cut the wires to our gate so that its harder to 
keep them out.

I think it's time to clean up.


Shannon wrote:
Hi Noisebridge,

Apparently, someone did something to sabotage the front door so that it
wouldn't open via the keypad or doorbell, and someone else pulled the
strike plate out so that people would be able to get in.

Said someone then spent the entire day manning the front door so nobody
would be able to take advantage of the open door.

I'm going to look at the front door and see if it's an easy fix, but
someone who knows what they are doing around our door would be welcome 
here this evening.

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