[Noisebridge-discuss] Front door lock broken

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Sat Aug 24 03:48:58 UTC 2013

Done in one by a commercial grade door frame strike and all wiring fished
hidden? As last resort cheapest.

However it gets done in an other details- the wires simply must defy
tampering to the greatest expected threat levels.

Decades ago, I used to install&maintain entry systems in hostile areas. We
armored those systems to  almost Science Fiction Fortress levels. Including
design hacks such as magnetic locks very resistant to tampering. Designed
around integral redundancies.Door frame strike and active key in lever knob
plus a magnetic door holder.  Makes sabotage take a stupidly huge effort
and simple door prop open detection easily sets off alarms. Done largely
by  sensor devices sometimes approaching tinfoil hat paranoid.  Optical
beam breaks plus reed switches. Microswitches to detect Metallic Key latch
engagements. HID cards+PIN for entry/exit  signal.  With voice&video
intercom to a control operator for some sites. Nowdays we could use RFID.

How many members do we have that are self chipped...

ALL things that are hugely cheaper/better today than ever before.  All in a
layered approach of failure prevention before the fact. WE can indeed hack
from junk but are we doing ourselves any favor in the big picture??  We're
betting the Space on some of this! So reconsider failure please... For

Failure defined as a security breach/lockout/lock in  being  intolerable,.
Yeah- there's multiple design issues with active magnetics. BUT! they can
be engineered to panic button+alarm modes that many other methods fail at.
Electric strikes of the less pricy door frame side are "usually"  a
power-to-unlatch/fails as locked in where magna lock "active"  is a fire
safety mode of no power equals door opens.  Several vendors make them and
yeah- they DO show up as salvage.  Used as substitute for any other closure
or as additive layer.

Last Resort First? As in throw $$ at a fairly resilient key& electric open
lockset having
 a declutch mode where vandalism resistance is high, with  or without a
separate door frame strike solenoid. Electric strike plus electric lockset
  Gives redundancy as to backup electric and a metal key.


Few hundred bucks for a theoretically lifetime guaranteed fix if bought

Features of note for the RCI being a Sargent or similar IC lock= no tools
core change for emergency rekey=revocation by IC swap. Which empowers swap
keyholders to do so no tools/low skill. IC also allowing the slow/noisy
authorized drill out of even a sabotaged core to be less risk of door/lock

It's all about dollars to result ratios past a certain point , eh?

Sadly I am not currently in town to hands on this.

But I am at the space's disposal for remote consult. Hopefully I've been of
assistance in outlining solutions.. Contact me on or off list.  I hope I've
made sense :}

Teal Deer: Design&build the damn door+systems so we don't have to think
about it again save for normal hinge lube etc.

Oren Beck


On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 4:45 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:

> I really would prefer if you could put more information in your post but i
> guess this will have to do.  I understand if you don't want to say who
> fixed and is guarding the gate, but it would be nice to know.
> Really what would be helpful would be to know what you think was done to
> sabotage the door?  I saw that the cat5 cable to the payphone was cut at
> some point, and someone spliced all the wires together and fixed it.
> that person didn't even bother to write a message to the list such as
> "someone cut the wires to the payphone today and i fixed it"
> it really makes me mad when these oogle fucks, who sleep in our
> hackerspace every night, cut the wires to our gate so that its harder to
> keep them out.
> I think it's time to clean up.
> -jake
> Shannon wrote:
> Hi Noisebridge,
> Apparently, someone did something to sabotage the front door so that it
> wouldn't open via the keypad or doorbell, and someone else pulled the
> strike plate out so that people would be able to get in.
> Said someone then spent the entire day manning the front door so nobody
> would be able to take advantage of the open door.
> I'm going to look at the front door and see if it's an easy fix, but
> someone who knows what they are doing around our door would be welcome down
> here this evening.
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