[Noisebridge-discuss] door works now

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Aug 27 06:03:07 UTC 2013

I don't know what was wrong with the door originally

but when i got here today, the solenoid latch had been removed.  I 
instituted proper troubleshooting strategy and we determined the problem 
wasnt the latch.

after we put the latch back in, i tried opening the gate from minotaur 
(the computer that talks to the keypads) and it didnt give an error, but 
the latch didnt buzz.

i rebooted minotaur but it had no effect.

we looked at the "other" intercom which was in another place in 
noisebridge, and it had been shoved behind something and was possibly 
shorting or something.  I took it out, along with custom circuit lovingly 
handcrafted by Mike Kan (to auto-open the door upon doorbell) and put in 
the server room.

After that, shit worked.  I am really not sure why.


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