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Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 21:09:27 UTC 2013

Giovanni, what do you mean "can"?

  * Legally allowed?
  * Able to generate content?

Legality: The Burning Man radio stations operate according to FCC part 
15. Noisebridge CAN do that too! "Unlicensed operation on the AM and FM 
radio broadcast bands is permitted for some extremely low powered 
devices covered under Part 15 of the FCC's rules. ...these devices are 
limited to an effective service range of approximately 200 feet." In the 
desert, maybe they are getting better distance. On Mission street, we'd 
probably want a balloon-mounted xmtr to get any coverage. Of course, if 
the balloon is 300 feet up, and the xmtr has a range of 200 feet, then....

Another legal option is Carrier Current radio, which uses our AC 
electrical wires as a giant antenna, by plugging our signal into a wall 
outlet. "a carrier current station consists of an AM radio frequency 
signal on a frequency between 535 and 1705 kHz being injected into a 
power line.  The effective service range of a carrier current station is 
approximately 200 feet (61 meters) from the power line; however, a 
carrier current signal will not pass through a utility transformer."

Generating content: Burning Man stations spit out hours of electronic 
music and BM-related content. There are thousands of DJ's and musicians 
available to create content. There are also thousands of peeps who keep 
their radios tuned in. Whether we're going to find thousands (or even 
tens) of listeners on Mission Street every day is another question.

I explain why i have doubts that Noisebridge has the capacity to 
generate hours of original content every day in my post "Noisebridge FM 
Radio". But, if we go the unlicensed route, our output can be 
inconsistent and it don't matter:


Johny Radio

Stick It In Your Ear!

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