[Noisebridge-discuss] Hacker B Cleaner: Body. Shower. @Noisebridge

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Fri Aug 30 19:16:50 UTC 2013

Deep down in San Francisco near to Dream Machines,
way back up in the Mission among the hackin fiends,
stood a hackerspace made of Earth & Beans,
where lived a "homeless" hacker named Hacker B Clean -
who never ever learned to hack computers so well,
but he could hack up a shower, like ringing a bell.

Go, go!
Go Hacker, go, go!
Go Hacker, go. Go!
Hacker B Clean.

-  Props to Chuck Berry!  :)  ;)

Brief:  Both:
1) Noisebridge, &
2) the world,
will be a better place
by hacking in a shower in the current back toilet room.

Have 25 cents per minute coin pay box to control the water on.
Sell a roll of paper towels for $1.00, bought in bulk from supply.

It's a funding/revenue source for chronically low on funds Noisebridge!

Price to shower a hacker: 50 cent.
Price to dry multiple hackers: one US dollar.
Price to improve Noisebridge & the world:  Priceless.

Go hackers, Go! Go!
You CAN do it!


"Hacker B Clean" & "Hacker B Cleaner" TM Trademark 2013 by Giovanni Re
(c) Copyright 2013 by Giovanni Re
Permission granted to use for noncommercial purposes only.  Giovanni Re

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