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Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 22:28:31 UTC 2013

Hi- I'm a recent guest- and hopefully- 7 years from  now when granddaughter
goes to college- I will be a full time member:}

So yeah- I have devout interest in there *BEING* a robust Noisebridge
space&community that far ahead.  Janus is the meme to adopt. Look forwards
in both long&short terms and over our collective shoulder to not forget
lessons. Which leads to my take on this... and Janus gets re-invoked.

I'd gently redirect us to soberly list and deliberate on  considerations of
facilities viewed only useful as/for Non-Hacking . Some folks even grumble
about the kitchen. At the beginning of this month I heard talk of Tube
Racks like Gibsonian SciFi as another dreamer faction's hope. Let's call
that Janus looking at extremes?

We're thought of by many-  a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT in Consensus of Being
Excellent - and Noisebridge's stated missions could flower or die if we
screw this up. What ARE we trying to be after all? A Hack&Make space that
tolerates edgy uses of facilities or do we become TechoKibbutz in overt
fashions? Become a chilled steel heartless clone of public libraries?

Some of us can see the schism  lines forming in folk's minds before they
even  finish reading my post, eh?  Or can we be MORE than all we've been?
By consensus that weighs long and short ends. Are we  enabling bad conduct
or providing a perk to members? And shall we ever dare to say WHY one views
perk or enabling as such?  But- we can simplicate a whole lot of this.  By
simpler rules. We can be:

Making the space "excellent for MEMBERS" above all else. Means what it says
and says what it means.

KEEPING the space safe&comfortable for Members&Guests ALIKE ... but that's
NOT to be EVER  at the expense of any other consideration either,.

 Members are "why" there is a space at all yet Guests are often future
members! Never forget that,eh?

While not a trivial balance considering that some dues paying members
are dead split on ALL these details- Consensus on how to reconcile might be
based on such points .Plus whatever boilerplate memes any wish to share for

The closer from my PoV is -

 Use of Facilities is Conditional at all times. Set the terms properly and
NB thrives. I

Oren Beck


On Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 5:37 AM, Scotty Allen <scotty at scottyallen.com>wrote:

> > Noisebridge is not a hostel, hotel, or a place to live.   While it's a
> place
> > to /learn/ how to cook things, or hack with food, it's not a place to
> > food for your own consumption outside of the odd Microwave Burrito.
> >
> > There are far, far better places to do those things.
> And yet, many users of the kitchen and the overnight sleeping
> facilities consider Noisebridge, out of the places they have available
> to them, the best place to do those things.  And therein lies the
> problem.
> It will continue to be a problem until Noisebridge becomes less
> attractive than the other options available.
> It still boggles my mind that Noisebridge has bunk beds.  How can
> anyone say that say sleeping isn't permitted at Noisebridge with a
> straight face when there are purpose built beds in the corner of the
> room?  "Oh, yes, those are definitely bunk beds, but despite
> appearances, they're not for sleeping."
> Can we declare that experiment a failure already?
> -Scotty
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