[Noisebridge-discuss] Sunday morning sleeper.

Al Sweigart asweigart at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 17:15:32 UTC 2013

I'm not sure if there are any members who say they are fine with people
crashing overnight at Noisebridge (please speak up if you are. I think Leif
maybe? Or maybe he thinks napping is fine but overnight sleeping isn't?
Either way, I don't want to speak for him.) As for the sleepers themselves,
I think one has been an associate member, but the rest aren't members. And
by far the majority of people who come to Noisebridge don't sleep here

Meanwhile, the opposition to people sleeping at the space is pretty vocal
and consistent. The hacker stackers were taken down because they weren't
just being used for naps. Don't confuse the exception for the rule.

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 8:44 AM, spinach williams <spinach.williams at gmail.com
> wrote:

> clearly, the community thinks different things about it, because part of
> the community is still doing it
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