[Noisebridge-discuss] Sunday morning sleeper.

Leif Ryge leif at synthesize.us
Mon Dec 9 18:16:46 UTC 2013

On Mon, Dec 09, 2013 at 09:15:32AM -0800, Al Sweigart wrote:
> I'm not sure if there are any members who say they are fine with people
> crashing overnight at Noisebridge (please speak up if you are. I think Leif
> maybe? Or maybe he thinks napping is fine but overnight sleeping isn't?
> Either way, I don't want to speak for him.)

Ha. I've actually asked numerous people not to sleep overnight at Noisebridge,
and back when we had the hacker stacker napping pods to direct people to I also
woke up presumably non-overnight nappers in the library a few times so that I
could use the couch for sitting.

Unlike you, I've rarely had cause to ask the same person twice. I suspect this
is because my approach is different: I've introduced myself to them, asked
about their situation, and explained that having the space used for lodging
makes it inhospitable for its intended uses. When I was frequenting Noisebridge
in the morning, I also tended to wait until people woke up on their own before
talking to them about it. In other words, I made an appeal to reason instead of
an appeal to authority. I recommend that you try this approach.

I've never found it necessary to ask someone to leave the space because of
sleeping (though I've asked plenty of people to leave for other reasons).

> As for the sleepers themselves, I think one has been an associate member, but
> the rest aren't members. And by far the majority of people who come to
> Noisebridge don't sleep here themselves.

I think spinach's reply to your comment about "what the community thinks" was
intended to highlight your implicit defining of "the community" to exclude
sleepers. (An actual case of begging the question! ;)

> Meanwhile, the opposition to people sleeping at the space is pretty vocal
> and consistent. The hacker stackers were taken down because they weren't
> just being used for naps. Don't confuse the exception for the rule.

I think the HSNPs were actually disassembled by Andrew Byrne purely in an
attempt to regain some social capital. I think it's a shame, because they were
actually frequently used for napping and in my experience every individual who
overused them did cease when asked to.


> On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 8:44 AM, spinach williams <spinach.williams at gmail.com
> > wrote:
> > clearly, the community thinks different things about it, because part of
> > the community is still doing it
> >
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