[Noisebridge-discuss] Elevator stuck in the basement?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Dec 10 03:06:48 UTC 2013


The elevator surely was stuck in the basement because someone took it down 
to the basement, left the door open, and did not come back up with it.

This is probably because they were sleeping in the basement.  This should 
not surprise you.

I am not sure what to do about it.  I think one option is a camera down 
there, to visually identify anyone going down there so we can ban them.

another option would be to put a key-lock on the elevator control panel, 
so that only authorized people can go into the basement.  Noisebridge 
doesn't have a need to go into the basement, but i suppose we could keep a 
copy of the key anyway.

if anyone else has a suggestion shoot.  Whoever has access to the 
landlord, consider asking them if we can put a lock on the basement button 
and provide them and the other tenants with keys.

I could put a numeric keypad on there, but it would only have one code and 
word would eventually get out.


Al wrote:
Does anyone know what's up the elevator? It was working last night, but I
know from 7am to this evening (and most likely currently) it's been at the
basement level and won't respond when called (most likely because the door
is open).

Does anyone know what's up with it? Should we contact the landlord?


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