[Noisebridge-discuss] I will pay you: Telepresence iPad ROV (Robot)

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Thu Dec 12 03:53:34 UTC 2013

I am interested in a small telepresence ROV. In the past there have been
versions of this (like the Sparky or Sparky Jr) that rely on MacMini
hardware. I want a design that uses an iPad (or other tablet) and the pad
can be easily docked/undocked from the device.

I have always been inspired by these two instructables:


They include great directions on how to create a Sparky (or Sparky Jr)
using a Mac Mini. And, there are are some fundamentals here that I wish to

However, I have new/different specifications:
* I want to use an iPad (open to other tablets)
* I want the iPad to be easily removable (where it can just dock into the
* The external camera is not needed, since an iPad is used
* The frame can be smaller since we only need to move the iPad (and the
batteries) (and simple; I don’t like Jr. frame).
* The device should be controlled by the iPad connector (possibly
interchangeable or usable with other connector)
* The final product will be open hardware
* The deliverables are as much the plans/kits/instructions as much (if not
even more) than the final product
* This is a work-made-to-hire so that you give up any copyrights to the
work (as is typical work-made-to-hire). All copyrights will be given to the
community/copylefted. Thus, you can also do whatever you want with the
design, but you can't keep the community (or me) from also doing what they
(or I) want to do with it.

* I will never get to this. Let me hire someone to work on this for me.
* All work is a work-made-to-hire (and I will copy left the work as an open
hardware project)
* We will use the *lean* start-up approach. That is, using a
Minimal-Viable-Product (MVP) approach.
* We will have a fixed budget (example: If budget is $200 and rate is
$20/hour, then 10 hours of work is expected — and, finished or not, the
project is over (time boxed) and what is completed is turned over).
However, budget and hourly rate are negotiable
* I will consider all email proposals sent to me. If there is one (or more
than one) proposal that works, we can negotiate the next steps. (I am not
guaranteed/committed to choose a proposal)
* A W-9 and contract will need to be signed

If you think this would be fun to work on, please send me a proposal that
addresses these questions:
* Why do you want to work on this?
* Why do you think you could do this project well?
* What is your hourly rate?
* What is your estimate (roughest estimate is okay) for a minimal viable
* When do you have time to work on this (i.e., Tuesday evenings, etc.) and
when would you be able to meet with me to go over the current progress?
* Who is David L. Heiserman?
* Are you willing to sign a W-9 and contract (if you find the terms



We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action
always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.

-- Frank Tibolt
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