[Noisebridge-discuss] Gate buzzer broken 6:20 am

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Dec 19 21:42:57 UTC 2013


posts like this are unhelpful.  Please tell us as much information as you 
can, such as

"I got to noisebridge and the gate was broken in many pieces, it looked 
as though it had been frozen with liquid nitrogen and hit with a hammer"


"I tried to get into noisebridge using my physical key and the lock 
wouldn't turn, even though i'm certain it's the right key.  Another person 
with a key confirmed that their key didn't work either.  We tried the 
door-code system and the electronic striker does seem to work though"


"i tried to get into noisebridge using my code, and nothing happened.  The 
payphone made a noise each time i pressed a key, but when i hit # there 
was no special sound and the LED did not light up, and the door didn't 
open.  After i got in, i tried the upstairs keypad and it did the same 


"I typed in my door code and pressed # and the phone made a happy sound 
and the light lit up blue, but the electronic striker did not make the 
buzzing sound and the door still did not open.  I had to wait until 
someone came out before i could get in."

the more information you can provide, the more likely someone can do 
something about it to help.

can anyone confirm that the gate has worked for them since yesterday?

thank you

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> Gate broken
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