[Noisebridge-discuss] Radio: FCC rejection letter

John Withers jwithers at reddagger.org
Fri Dec 20 18:06:19 UTC 2013

On 12/20/2013 09:01 AM, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> Hm, so..
> What about running a legit ham radio station on shortwave and doing
> some DIY shortwave receiver projects?

You can't run a one way broadcasting operation on ham bands and be 
legit. There is also the problem not only about the use, but who is 
using it. There would have to be a licensed operator in control of the 
transmitter at all times anyone was transmitting.

And, of course, you lose any local community aspect except for the 
community of people who haven't caught up with the fact that we have all 
been carrying radios in our pockets for 20 years now and being able to 
build one out of chewed up aluminum foil, cat parts and spark plugs 
isn't really a critical infrastructure public service.

As projects, I agree the whole field is interesting (who *wouldn't* want 
to be able to make radios out of chewed up aluminum foil, cat parts and 
spark plugs?).

You might also want to add a Ham Cram to your list of fun things to do 
in this area. Ham Crams are specially designed study and test sessions 
designed to get someone from 0 to FCC licensed in one day. Just about 
anyone who is on this list could pass one, the way they are set up. And 
if you are licensed, you not only get access to the wonderful world of 
old people who think having giant antennas on their cars is a mark of 
pride, but some radio control frequencies for projects that are not only 
fairly uncluttered, but in which you are allowed to transmit at higher 
power than the unlicensed plebes.


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