[Noisebridge-discuss] anything going on with EEG currently?

Glenn Wright infinite.perplexity at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 18:53:09 UTC 2013

Hi all, is there any activity going on with EEG projects?  I notice that
the links to the discussion list on the web site don't work.

I would really like to have a home sleep monitor, because I'm trying to use
sleep restriction therapy for insomnia but I have trouble estimating time
in bed and perceiving accurately whether I'm asleep.  Zeo is out of
business, of course, and I'm very skeptical of accelerometer-based units.
Has anyone had any success either building an OpenEEG sleep monitor or
hacking a Zeo (I have a bricked Zeo mobile.)

Feel free to e-mail me at infinite.perplexity at gmail.com if you have any
thoughts or you're interested in working on projects...if I went to the
trouble of learning how to make a sleep monitor, I would also want to
experiment with meditation, interactive art, etc.

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