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Sat Dec 21 01:28:26 UTC 2013

On 12/20/2013 05:10 PM, johny radio wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 4:50 PM, The Batkid <batkid at gmx.com 
> <mailto:batkid at gmx.com>> wrote:
>     This week's emails make Noisebridge seem like a miserable
>     humorless slice
> Hi Batkid,
> I'm not trying to be petty. In recent months some members have tried 
> to remove the kitchen entirely, due to non-hackers practically living 
> in the kitchen, cooking their personal meals there (and promoting the 
> rodent and cockroach population). It has been a very contentious 
> problem for the whole nb community, for a year or more.
> I may be incorrect, but it's my repeated observation over many months 
> that Spinach has been using nb in just that way. I'm not trying to funny.
> It bothers me when non-hackers who are exploiting the space have the 
> gumption to voice their opinions at meetings. It bothers me that 
> Spinach accused Monad-- Monad is one of the most fantastic, giving, 
> helpful, and well-respected hackers and teachers at Noisebridge.
> -JR
lying, now? johnny, i've people who can vouch for me, and i also highly 
doubt you would know me if you saw me.
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