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On 12/20/2013 04:15 PM, J.C. wrote:
> So what if you combined that with a "mesh" aspect, and you could
> create pocket stations around the city
> Seems like it would make for a fun kit as well, building mini fm
> transmitters & receivers.

I've been thinking about this as well. Folks have been working on WiFi
based mesh networks for over a decade, and while the technology is cheap
and you can use off-the-shelf components, range is limited unless you
use external antennas, maybe directional ones. But the main showstopper
is the line-of-sight requirement for larger distances.

I see Norman's point that you shouldn't upset the FCC, so maybe some
proactive screening of relevant regulations and maybe even getting in
touch with them before deployment couldn't harm.

Sparkfun has some ideas for transceivers in the ISM bands around 434,
868 and 915 MHz:


in particular this one looks interesting:


You don't want to stream stuff in HD, do you? ;)

I would be interested in a low-cost module that works down on HF
frequencies, and even though projects like the HackRF [1] reach down to
that range, they're still too expensive for mass deployment.

These modules here are not open hardware, but they come closer to the
price range I have in mind:


It cannot be *that* hard to develop a transceiver for 27 MHz ... but
piggybacking digital data on FM sound like a silly idea. I would have to
read up on the regulations if anything else is allowed tho ...
http://dronepedia.com/index.php?title=Radio_bands has a nice overview of
ISM bands.




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