[Noisebridge-discuss] Last call: free digital piano that needs repair

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 04:22:50 UTC 2013

Thought I'd throw this out here one more time before heading to

I've got a Korg SP-100 digital piano that has undetermined problems with
its PCB. Here's the story...

The power connector on the PCB broke into pieces after a decade of plugging
and unplugging it. This might have blown a fuse or something when it
happened - I remember either a spark or a pop.

Jim came over and helped me put the power connector back together, but to
no avail. I decided to replace it with a new power connector, but nothing.

To make matters worse, in removing and then re-fastening the PCB to its
metal brace, one of the ICs, along with its attached heatsink, has started
to wiggle lose from the PCB. So it probably needs re-soldering.

So. If anyone feels comfortable with testing fuses, safely removing and
resoldering an IC, rejiggering a PCB back into its metal frame in the
proper order, and only then having a slight chance of getting the damn
thing to turn on again, then the piano's yours! Or if you need a decoration
piece, that works too!

Otherwise, it's off to craigslist, and then the dump! On that note, does
anyone know what Sunset Scavenger's deal is nowadays? It seems to have been
consumed by Recology...

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