[Noisebridge-discuss] help naming this diy dystopian scifi film

Douglas Benner greenshoos at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 21:09:41 UTC 2013

hello NB folks,
can you help me remember the name of this scifi flick? possibly from the
70's or 80's.

~Its set in a dystopian future, presumably after some kind of global
apocalypse, and humans send robots out to fight other robots, possibly
because the atmosphere is so toxic only robots can operate  outside.

~Its very minimal and diy, the entire film takes place in a bunker where a
young female repairs robots to send them back out to fight. the robot fight
sequences look like tabletop shobox modeling in very stark black and white

~The film attempts an anthopomorphisation of the robots as our hero
interacts with them, they are her only companions, and we experience a bit
of grief as they expire in war.

~the only contact our protaganist has with other humans is with some
patriarchal figure over short wave or video as he spouts out war propaganda
and tactical information.

i dont remember much else about this movie or how it ends. It may be a
locally produced underground film for all i know.
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