[Noisebridge-discuss] New Prowler Video!

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 05:08:19 UTC 2013

Ok, just kidding, it's NOT a prowler video. Just 60 seconds of James 
Brown-fueled noisebridge organizing. Sorry if anyone felt rick-rolled.

The AWESOME organizing/cleanup crew did an AMAZING job saturday with 
that disaster in the junk bin area, which nb has been drowning in for 
months. Everything is now organized into tidy labelled bins. Thank you 
Madelynn for recruiting folks and making this happen, thanks to Adrian 
Chadd for the cleanup fund, thanks Al, Greg, Rayc, Hillaire, Amin (who 
cleaned the bathroom), David, and others who's names i forget.

Cue the James Brown:

Enjoy the tidiness while it lasts.

Johny Radio

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