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Romy Ilano romy at snowyla.com
Wed Dec 25 22:49:09 UTC 2013


Hey we are planning a SudoRoom art making party January 3rd. Does anyone
want to perform? It's like 5 minutes of fame except you don't talk a lot
and you have to jump around and move around the room encouraging people to
make art. THink of it as an ART MC.

Contact me!


Romy Ilano
romy at snowyla.com

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Subject: planning for sudoroom year of the snake art party
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hey guys - i'm planning a post oakland art murmur year of the snake
exhibition / collaborative art making night.

this will be january 3, 2014 after the art murmur, so art murmur refugees
and caome to sudoroom, make art and be merry

there will be projections - would like some help - and live drawing.

I would like to make this as decentralized as possible so it isn't just a
bunch of people staring at one guy drawing or one DJ...
and i'd like to involve art and music from surrounding collectives as well.

Let's talk about this.


Romy Ilano
romy at snowyla.com
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