[Noisebridge-discuss] Associate sponsorship

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Mon Dec 30 00:19:48 UTC 2013

Hi, Noisebridge.

I was prodded to try my hand at joining noisebridge. Here's some details about 
who I am:

I've visited a total of three times in my life:

* 4 years ago during Camp KDE, where I was visiting for the lightning talks 
and had heard about hackerspaces but never visited one before
* Last Friday, where I hung out with some of the folks while we watched 30c3 
on the screen
* Today, where some newbies came in, there didn't seem to be any members 
willing to gave a tour, so I showed them around. They seemed satisfied.

I'm not from anywhere near the SF area. I'm actually from Akron, Ohio, where I 
help out with the hackerspace we've been growing out there: SYNHAK. I try my 
best to encourage adaptation of lot of Noisebridge's essential elements there, 
such as do-ocracy, consensus, and excellence. Noisebridge has been a huge 
inspiration and role model for my goals of SYNHAK since the founding of it 2.5 
years ago.

My next big projects are starting a coalition of northeast Ohio/northwest 
Pennsylvania hackerspaces, along with helping the folks start up uFabLab in 
Geauga, OH and CanHax in Canton, OH. Sometimes I'm known to say encouraging 
things to the people working on Maker's Alliance in Cleveland.

I like to build robots, 3d printers, hackerspaces, infrastructure, and 
sustainable communities.

If I was in the bay area for longer than a week, I'd contribute a lot more to 
Noisebridge. I do plan on visiting for a month sometime in 2014, provided that 
I can find some cheap temporary housing.

Here is a wiki page: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/User:Tdfischer

Thank you for your consideration.

In excellence,
Torrie Fischer

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