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How low should we set our standard of acceptable behavior?  Generally course and vulgar language seems to be the norm. 

In the arts anything goes. Does it mean those are the standards we should for ourselves? 

There is much I find offensive both language and behavioral NB.  Not very clear how much consideration for my sentiment is reasonable.

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On 12/30/2013 10:57:37 AM, "hep" <dis at gruntle.org> wrote:
you seem intent on giving her a pass
Hep, not trying to give anyone a pass. Thanks for your observations.
My point is, if someone's words offend someone, communication and growth is healthier than hostility, and may help avoid the need for a painful, time-consuming judicial process.
It's within the realm of possibility that the person might not have a malevolent bone in her body, and may even have experienced oppression personally. Maybe she would willingly modify her language when at noisebridge, if someone gave her a kindly heads-up (or if we had an Orientation Process, hint-hint  :)
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