[Noisebridge-discuss] Mac MSDOS FAT32 XHDD drive formatting problem...

N jpk at pobox.com
Tue Jun 11 04:21:20 UTC 2013

I have a X USB HD formatted OS 10.5 FAT32 that I would like to format 
as a Windows XP drive.

XP will not recognize it, no driver letter appears when I connect it 
via USB cable. It only shows up in Control Panel, Device Manager and 
there only as a USB, from which I have found no way to format it.

I've tried every trick in the book but nothing works.

The drive is fully functional when connected to a MacBook Pro and can 
be formatted back and forth from MS DOS FAT 32 to OS10.5 which tells 
me it's working.

Any suggestions?


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