[Noisebridge-discuss] noisebridge reboot/rebase

jarrod hicks hicksu at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 05:01:31 UTC 2013

At the weekly meeting it was determined that there will be a meeting
at 18:00 on Tuesday, before the usual weekly meeting, to discuss the
Noisebridge ReBase 2013 project.

I am interested in helping to organize and work on this project. I
have prepared some ideas and would like to present them. I am also
interested in what other ideas and proposals others are developing.

I hope that I am not overstepping, but I have added this recurring
meeting to the wiki.

Before the meeting tomorrow, I will move some things around to create
some space for this meeting in the Hackitorium.

Please bring, ideas, proposals, RFAs, sketches, models, data,
statistics, and anything else related.

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 7:35 PM, Danny O'Brien <danny at spesh.com> wrote:
> So, someone was asking for a template for RFCs and a page to work on
> this, so I created one.
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Rebase
> d.
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