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> Awesome. It might help move things along faster if people start to list their proposed projects  on the wiki, too. In other words I don't think that listing projects, describing them, and discussing them, has to wait for in-person meetings!

As eager as we were to talk about specific projects, we devoted most of 
the first meeting to process stuff. Next meeting, the real project 
discussion will start.

The rebase may be slightly quiet at first, as we scour the discuss list, 
meeting notes, and other docs, for ideas and issues people have already 
put forth. It was my suggestion that we NOT stoke repeat discussions 
on-list, about stuff that has already been extensively discussed on-list.

We agreed to focus on specific topics each week, so i expect the list 
will see discusson on those specific topics as we proceed. We agreed to 
reserve the beginning of each meeting for uninterrupted rebase 
presentations and proposals, and then we'll spend the rest of that 
meeting discussing the proposals. We agreed to enforce a time-limit on 
start-of-meeting presentations.

Everyone, please bring your rebase proposals to the meetings! Tuesdays, 
Topic for Tuesday 6/18: "Noisebridge Culture".


Johny Radio
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