[Noisebridge-discuss] Free calculator, magic books

Sam Bleckley s at diiq.org
Fri Jun 14 03:15:37 UTC 2013

Hey, I'm moving back east, and I'm getting rid of some stuff.

I have an HP 41C, which is a *beautiful* old programmable calculator from
'79. It's got a little magnetic strip drive (which lets it save data (and
programs) to little refrigerator magnets), a thermal printer, a manual, and
other cool accessories. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP-41C. It works,
but it needs new batteries - and they're unusual.

I also have several excellent magic books, ranging from
for-young-adult-beginners to for-dedicated-practitioners. I can throw in
some miscellaneous props, too.

If you can provide a good home for any of these things, drop me an email.

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