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I just can't even with any of this. As a someone of minority descent, i
find everything about this entire discussion incredibly offensive,
off-putting, and pretty much the lot of you should be ashamed of yourself.
This is not the way to be inclusive to any minorities for this space.

To whoever brought up weev: i am not sure what your point is considering I
am probably the person on the internet who has argued about his endless
fucking bullshit shock tactic racism the most. YES YOU SHOULD HAVE KICKED
HIM OUT. Free speech has to do with CONGRESS making laws barring speech. It
has nothing to do with whether a hackerspace has to be inclusive,
supportive, or otherwise encourage racist or offensive speech. When you try
and mold the free speech argument to validate this bullshit behavior in a
social group, all you are doing is saying you are ok as a social group with
those morals, that they are more important than anyone who might be put off
as the target of them. On this thread you are all trying to qualify
someone's racism. Does no one out there actually understand what free
speech means and what it pertains to? I just do not understand why people
are so intent on validating the truly shitty things people say. You have
the right to say whatever you want. I have the right to tell you to stfu.
As a culture, noisebridge has the right to say it does not tolerate certain
kinds of speech, because it alienates huge portions of the potential
outreached population.

If the guy is a reformed skin and just can't afford to recover tattoos?
REAL victims of this bullshit. I grew up with stories of how my dad who is
mixed race was beat up in town for his heritage. On my mother's side most
of them have been beat up and told to "go back to mexico" (we are from San
Francisco since the 1700s). I was beat up in high school almost every week
for being half latina. The Civil Rights Movement which saw the Black
Panthers gunned down in Oakland, and violence to minorities all over the
Bay Area happened only 50yr ago. Incredibly amounts of oppression and
violence are leveled at minorities in communities throughout the Bay up to
today. The Bay Area is already one of the most racist and racially charged
areas in the country.

Everyone makes dumb mistakes when they are young. Everyone deserves to be
able to change and grow beyond them. But someone who is actively sporting
white power tattoos needs to understand that the choice they made when
young (completely different than someone born with brown skin through no
fault of their own btw for whatever idiot brought up "judging someone on
the way they look!!111" as if it is at ALL a valid comparison. racism =
judging someone on a racist tattoo, you heard it here first.) will still
actively negatively influence people it was directed at REGARDLESS OF
WHETHER THAT IS STILL THEIR INTENT. Sucks that they got a white power
tattoo. There are plenty of options for covering or otherwise concealing
someone one chose to have and now regrets. Know what really sucks? Getting
the shit beaten out of you because you realized too late that the guy with
the racist tattoo was actually a racist.

If someone has an I AM A RAPIST tattoo on their face, I am not going to sit
around and ponder whether it's ironic or whether they are just fucking
stupid. Give me a fucking break. I cannot believe that we are even having
to discuss this and I cannot believe that on another thread there is some
bullshit about a guy trying to defend himself court of law style over
whether he groped a girl or not, as if she isn't a grown fucking adult who
is capable of talking about what happened to her and what she directly
witnessed to her person. Noisebridge: you continue to outdo yourself. hep
out. *mike drop*


On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 11:20 PM, John Shutt <john.d.shutt at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm assuming he wasn't born with a swastika birthmark. Getting a tattoo is
> behavior.
> On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 11:01 PM, LinkReincarnate <
> linkreincarnate at gmail.com> wrote:
>> People should be judged by their behavior not anything else.  If this
>> person is seen exhibiting racist behavior then kick him out.
>> Policy at noisebridge that says if you have kids you accept the
>> responsibility of them seeing/hearing about topics beyond your control. I
>> think this does/should apply to adults in the space as well.
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