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my point of comparison is growing up as  someone of minority descent in the
bay area. my family has repeatedly be told to go back to mexico here
despite the fact that we have lived in sf since we called it yerba buena. i
constantly have to deal with privileged white assholes being completely
racist on a variety of microaggressions daily (this being one of them btw.
the idea that a minority needs to be "told" what racism is, and informed
that their experiences suffering racism aren't valid because they don't fit
a bunch of white guys' perceptions of what racism is.) I am perfectly
capable of deciding how racist my own experiences have been, and able to
accurately compare them to the rest of the country I have lived in,
including louisiana and georgia. Yes, the Bay Area is one of the most
racist places in this country. Primarily because for some reason a bunch of
white people who never experience racism (plz do not bring up "reverse
racism" here because I really don't want you to embarrass yourself) believe
that because they never see something or recognize when they do something
it must not happen. FYI: were we not JUST discussing "south american
caffeine" and a bunch of racist assumptions on another thread?


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> No really like, what is your point of comparison here?

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