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Praveen Sinha dmhomee at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 01:10:11 UTC 2013

Heading over now... Thought about this a bit, and here's my proposals so

1) at LOL we've had a lot of success with easing the process of the
newcomer pipeline by having a weekly open hack night.  We intentionally
create a hyper collaborative safe space guided by several co-facilitators.
It allows  seasoned people with teh mad skillz to connect to people off the
street and has done wonders for getting new people building our community
and building the communication skills of more experienced people.  We do
have Monday nights, but I'd like to take it a step further and get
something like this going at noisebridge.  I'm willing to head it up, but
am also worried that I won't be able to support 2 nights at 2 spaces
regularly so I would also like some help on it.

2) I think it may be worth creating a noisebridge-mediation list which
would siphon some of the drama off of noisebridge discuss, but keep people
iterating on what are indeed important issues

3) I attempted (but did not get approval) for a noisebridge-mutualaid
list.  This would be for resource sharing and encourage active trade
amongst noisebridgers

4) Taking a page from Liz Henry,  I think having a regular inclusion group
that meets would do wonders.  I think we should have some form of overt
diversity statement at noisebridge, or at least posted around.   One of the
downsides of tech is that we have a gender and race gap and noisebridge
should be at the forefront of trying to hack that.   Speaking as a person
of color, even a simple pro-diversity statement goes a long long loooong
way to get people feeling more establish in in ownership of the space.   I
think we should explicitly include social class in it as well.
4a) We have a lot of buildout to do for various accessibility needs:
spanish language (we do live in the mission), differently abled, etc, and
having some channels to collaboratively think about this stuff would be

5) People, People, People.  We need a way for people to plug into each
other, collaboratively speaking.  Knowing that there are experts that are
willing to help on things like e-fabrics or machine learning is a HUGE
resource.  We should be more active in maintaining our spreadsheets/methods
of finding a person.  This worked out really well in the early days of
noisebridge for spinning the culture up, we just need a way to scalably and
actively maintain it.

<3!!  See you guys soon!

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 6:58 PM, James Sundquist
<sundquistjames at gmail.com>wrote:

> What is the reboot? Rebase? What!?
> We don't yet know specifics, but it will involve the power of consensus
> and the cooperation of the Noisebridge community.
> For now it is a group that will meet weekly on Tuesdays, between 6 and
> 8pm, in the main hackitorium.  Each meeting will have a theme; the theme
> for tomorrow's meeting is "culture."  The group will set a moderator and
> designated note taker each week.  Notes from previous meetings will be
> available on the wiki under "reboot" or "rebase" [1], while major meeting
> items will be posted to noisebridge-discuss.
> What happens at the meeting?
> Brief introductions, Proposals / ideas, general discussion once all
> proposals are finished, and final thoughts before the meeting concludes.
> What is the end goal?
> The group will agree on a consensus item, a detailed master plan, which
> they will then propose for consensus at the general Tuesday meeting. Upon
> approval, announcements will be made on noisebridge-announce,
> noisebridge-discuss, on the wiki, and flyers will be physically placed
> around the space.  Implementation will begin two weeks after approval.
> How can I help?
> The success of the process will depend on input from as many noisebridge
> users as possible.  You are encouraged to share your ideas, doubts,
> concerns, passion, and enthusiasm at any meeting.  If you cannot attend,
> others will be more than happy to present for you.  Our next meeting is
> scheduled for tomorrow, June 18th.
> [1] https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Reboot
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