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"I have invited representatives from SF-WAR to come speak at Noisebridge 
some time in July on the topics of resisting sexual harassment and 
sexual assault.   Will keep you all updated as to when this will 
happen!   These training talks may give us good common ground for 
further discussion and action."

JR: Liz, thanks for doing this. I think this could be very helpful. I 
have volunteered for SF-WAR (Women Against Rape), because i am committed 
to working against abuse of women. From my application to WAR: "I am 
committed to ending sexual violence, and violence in all it's forms. As 
a straight male, who comes from a family of strong, powerful women, I 
feel men have a responsibility to understand the dynamics and history of 
sexual abuse."

A couple observations about your plan:

  * I feel the healthiest goal for the community is a PARTNERSHIP
    between men and women, to achieve better communication and
    understanding. I think it's essential for men to develop mature
    respect for women's boundaries.
  * But, your plan, to run a talk entitled "resisting sexual harassment
    and sexual assault" does nothing to engage women and men TOGETHER in
    a mutual discourse, or to develop mature communication by men,
    toward women, or to promote awareness of these issues among men, or
    to engage men in the process of social growth. It does nothing to
    promote social growth at all.
  * Therefor, i suggest involving men in some way in this activity. For
    example, could be a men's workshop on "understand people's
    boundaries". Or perhaps you could add a session on "promoting better
    communication between men and women". Also, i suggest a
    discussion-based workshop might promote more participation than a
  * Apologies to our transgender friends for the simplistic language.
    Anyone can be a victim of abuse, anyone can perpetrate it.


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