[Noisebridge-discuss] t.co no! Bookmarklet

Garrett Smith dhtmlkitchen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 22:09:10 UTC 2013

I've installed the t.co bookmarklet for Firefox on the community
machine (the computer that others can use).

The purpose of the bookmarklet is to avoid Twitter tracking and to
speed up navigation.


To "install" simple copy the shortened URL and paste it into the
bookmarklets bar. Visit Twitter.com and click the bookmarklet. It will
add some javascript to fix those t.co URLs to the real URLs.

It will work on most browsers but not IE. I never bothered. THere is a
plugin for Opera and if anyone wants to help out, we can make one for

T.co is ostensibly to make Twitter safer. And that to me sounds like
something government would say -- we're tracking you to keep you safe!
It's for your own good, because we know best! And all the while
Twitter is boggled with simple problems caused by their incompetent
web developers, e.g. push the R or L arrow key on twitter.com to see
the js error and broken kbd scroll navigation. The fact that they use
Modernizr and jQuery (and I recall at one point they used two versions
of jQuery) says it all.

I wrote this over a year ago (and we've been spied on for much longer).
Twitter: @xkit

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