[Noisebridge-discuss] Wade asked to leave

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Jun 20 23:01:17 UTC 2013

I am starting to realize that this is the same person who actually set up 
a tent in Church classroom.  Like actually put up a tent.

He had been writing music in puredata at his little home in the 
SEM/science room since then.  He says the sharps container (with a few 
needles in it) that's sitting on the SEM (scanning electron microscope) is 
not his and it was already there.

He was pretty drunk by the end of the meetings on tuesday.

I gave him a door code before i realized any of this.  I have commented 
out his code.

I would like to hear more about what else he did before being asked to 
leave.  I can't say i'm surprised at all.


Curtis Gagliardi wrote:
What happened?  He seemed like a decent guy when I met him.

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 12:44 PM, jarrod hicks <hicksu at gmail.com> 

> Wade has been asked to leave the space by Dan and return to a meeting.
> He has left and may return to the meeting.
> Wade just recently started coming to the space and even attended the
> most recent Tuesday meeting. He has brown hair stands about 5'6" and
> has been mostly wearing a bright yellow shirt. He has been working on
> a Pirate Radio station in the DJ booth east of church.

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