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Thu Jun 20 23:24:24 UTC 2013

Wade is a real hacker. He's a programmer, and he makes stuff with hardware.

He assisted the Noise Hack, by typing all the attendee's names into a 
spreadsheet for me.
Wade gave me a puredata lesson, which is a software similar to max/msp, 
for designing sound.

I can also say that, after spending many hours with him, Wade seems a 
very good-hearted, benevolent, generous, honest, non-threatening, 
respectful, giving person. And very smart.

He's also a young guy, who in some ways acts like a young guy. He's 
exuberant, full of energy and sound, he likes to get drunk, he's a 
flirt. He's still trying to figure out his future. Sometimes he bugs you 
when you're trying to get work done. He was deeply apologetic when I 
asked him not to bug me.

I have no reason to think he is involved in any hardcore drugs.

Let's cultivate this person, who has lots of potential. Give him an 
orientation. Give him a chance. Wade is, in my view, exactly the kind of 
person noisebridge exists to cultivate. Let's not overreact.


Johny Radio
Stick It In Your Ear!

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