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Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Jun 20 23:28:33 UTC 2013

I think that this cultural downturn has something to do with the door 
policy being set to "promiscuous" mode.

after asking at at least one meeting, and soliciting opinions on the 
mailing list, I did not hear of any objections to putting a code keypad at 
the top of the stairs, in replacement of the DOOR button.  This would make 
it so that one could not buzz open the door from upstairs without a code.

Nobody objected, so i built the keypad and got it working.  Then someone 
else who thought this would be a good idea disabled the original DOOR 
button.  At that point the only way to get the door open from upstairs 
was by entering a code on that keypad, or from one's phone or laptop.

This went on for a month or so, and then wiretapped and MCT decided to 
undo it, by changing the upstairs keypad to "promiscuous" mode so that any 
key will buzz the door open.  And that's how it is now.

That means that anyone, whoever they are, can ring the doorbell and 
anyone, whoever they are, if they are upstairs, can go and press a button 
and let them in.

Is it hard to see how this open-door policy fills noisebridge with the 
lowest common denominator?

If you want to go back to the good old days when people could only buzz 
people in if they have a code, remove the --promiscuous parameter from the 
instance of baron.py that serves the upstairs keypad.  This is on 


On Thu, 20 Jun 2013, Liz Henry wrote:

> I am glad Wade was asked to leave, but it is behavior like this that happened for who knows how long before he was asked to leave, that makes me now reluctant to recommend
> Noisebridge to new people. 
> My concern is mainly that the cultural norms of Noisebridge have shifted too far over to the side of tolerating this and similar behavior, to the extent that more and more
> people who behave in more considerate ways are avoiding the space.
> The few times I have been coming round this month during the day time everythnig was quiet and nice, relatively clean even, and people were working on things and acting
> respectful of each other.  At night it felt different, not good or safe. And the early morning was like people sponge bathing in the washroom and sleeping off hangovers, not a
> good vibe at all.   While I know there are good things happening and lots of people are working to fix the culture in general and people's expectations of how they can behave I
> am feeling  worried about the overall trend.
> I feel fairly certain, also, that many other incredibly fucking sketchy things are happening that no one is telling about, because they feel like it will be annoying on the
> list, will make NB look bad, or whatever. Even because the witnesses to it don't email or read the list. That sort of thing means that I can't trust or judge whether it is safe
> or not. Because I can't trust that bad behavior will be responded to, much less reported.  I used to give out Noisebridge keys to other women with pride and happiness. Lately I
> still give them out but with a lot of apologies, warnings, explanations, and some sadness.  I hope that can change. 
> - liz
> On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 4:01 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:
>       I am starting to realize that this is the same person who actually set up a tent in Church classroom.  Like actually put up a tent.
>       He had been writing music in puredata at his little home in the SEM/science room since then.  He says the sharps container (with a few needles in it) that's sitting
>       on the SEM (scanning electron microscope) is not his and it was already there.
>       He was pretty drunk by the end of the meetings on tuesday.
>       I gave him a door code before i realized any of this.  I have commented out his code.
>       I would like to hear more about what else he did before being asked to leave.  I can't say i'm surprised at all.
>       -jake
>       Curtis Gagliardi wrote:
>       What happened?  He seemed like a decent guy when I met him.
> On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 12:44 PM, jarrod hicks <hicksu at gmail.com> wrote:
>       Wade has been asked to leave the space by Dan and return to a meeting.
>       He has left and may return to the meeting.
>       Wade just recently started coming to the space and even attended the
>       most recent Tuesday meeting. He has brown hair stands about 5'6" and
>       has been mostly wearing a bright yellow shirt. He has been working on
>       a Pirate Radio station in the DJ booth east of church.
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