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Bill Gag billgag11 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 20 23:47:45 UTC 2013

The fact that this discussion has gone from Dru's behavior to more people bitching about their stupid science lab being used as a resource by homeless people is disgusting, Dru's behavior is terrible even if the space was a fucking office. 

The fact that every discussion has to be used to define the space is irritating enough but this discussion is no place for that shit, get the fuck out of here and be safe at home. 

The fact is, that making the space exclusive or anything of that sort would NOT solve this problem, the presence of predatory men and people there to defend them is, and no matter how you view the space, this needs to be dealt with, because as long as humans use noisebridge there will be this sorta shit. 

Because its not a safe space. Its a hostile one, only safe for white men with houses or jobs. Until that changes, this shit will continue. The argument over the use of the space is merely an extension of this shit behavior.
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