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Michael Clift occupirate at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 16:56:21 UTC 2013

Clarification: I said, in half jest: This is a hacker space, as occupiers,
we hack space.
This is neither endorsement or condemnation of what people do here. Once
again, quite simply, if it is not interfering with my work I do not have a
problem with it. WHEN someone begins to affect me negatively I take DIRECT
ACTION, without consent or support of whomever may happen to lie at hand.
Much of this smacks of very unexcellent PC douchebaggery so in vogue.
Essentially a gossip-circle and personality tribunal are not what I am here
for. I CAN and WILL understand the concerns of the offended, but know that
we all have very subjective viewpoints, and I personally have NOT witnessed
anything but exemplary behavior from both James and Dru both inside and
outside of NB.
NB is for the use of All, without "belonging" to ANY. It MUST remain
flexible and adaptive. It must remain SAFE, people must feel SAFE...yes, I
get this...but many people MUST own their own parts of what is happening....
perhaps I am just an old dinosaur from the Jimmy Cagney?Cary Grant/Bobby
Mitchum days....but grow up and get back to work...IGNORE the fools...let
THEM be asses...we should keep an eye out for the space, but please you
guys, lets refrain from being ninnys.......there is some unholy "Stalinist
shite floating aabout, completely unneccessarily....handle your shit, stop
mobbing on people, and reflect on the fact that I AM OPPRESSED BY YOUR
(and in the words of John Lennon, "I'm not the only one")
you are all playing into the divisive trap of Establishment mimicry.

that was my 2 cents yesterday. today I have come to the conclusion that
white male,pre 1980 models are inherently predatory misogynistic dolts
incapable of any meaningful contribution to the world. i have been broken.
i am now pathologically sensitive regarding what people think i do and am,
and what they consider my genitals to be and used for. thank you.
evil,drunken womanizer, p mike

PS:i come from a generation of polacks jews krauts micks n++++rs, racy
jokes,muscle cars,evil kneival....we had a saying back then in
pre-history..."Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never
hurt me".....I realize this is obsolete in a "new world" where people get
beat up, sued or marginalized for thinking for themselves or god forbid
drawing the wrong conclusion regarding someones "gender". i mean this IS SF
afterall, but i do not discriminate against anything. i do object to using
status to oppress others and marginalize people. all i am saying here is
that everyone is special, or no one is special. i have not witnessed any
sexual harassment or violence at NB. that does not mean i am in complete
disbelief as to whether it has happened or not, but merely that perhaps i
do not recognize the latest fashionable indicators of such unexcellence,
due to me being an obsolete gender....a museum peice from a time when there
were less (dare i say it) things to bitch about, and more stuff to
do....when we played outside,didnt have computers...kids, do you remember a
world without cel phones?
I do, and it is interesting to me that it would appear that with the i net
and cel phone, the mighty rise of queer identity, that the self righteous
arbiters of morality have now become as oppressive as those unenlightened
folks before them.

(anyone want to check out some Don Rickles videos? how about our awesome
Richard Pryor or Buddy Hackett, Redd Foxx,?)
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