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Fri Jun 21 22:16:16 UTC 2013

*Danny O'Brien*danny at 
/Fri Jun 21 10:09:08 UTC 2013 /wrote:
> "be kind of polite, talk about hackery things sometimes, and not be complete
> WTF crazy scare-away-anyone-within-six-kilometers-of-noisebridge."

i guess your recent rage fits that description  :)

> "I don't even get to talk shit about the awesome bong I was going to make in
> the lasercutter"

Wait, what? That is totally kind-of polite, about hackery things, and 
not complete WTF crazy 
scare-away-anyone-within-six-kilometers-of-noisebridge. You enforce your 
dictums hypocritically. Typical tyrant. Sheesh.

So, who's the bong dude?

PS, Danny, "talk shit" means "speak negatively about" in American 
idiomatic expression, so somebody would have to be pretty stoned, or 
from someplace across the pond, to talk shit about their awesome bong.

-Good cheer to all, and to all a pleasant tomorrow.


Johny Radio
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