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Danny Dismal dannydsml at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 18:41:06 UTC 2013

Noisebridge is and can be many spaces or so I'm told and have seen this to
be true to some degree. Noisebridge is not: A living space, hang out or
party place. That is true.

That being said there is a strong movement to make Noisebridge into
something much more definable and solid. Most are doing this through
judgements of others which is a double edged sword in most cases. If
something about someone bothers you then maybe it's something in you that
makes you feel that way. In any case it's always to forget our personal
feelings and just look at actions. Time is an action we all use. If all a
person is doing is time in the space as the only objectionable action then
limit the time, not the person. But this takes an action to come up with
how much time is reasonable for someone to use the space. Most schools have
sign up for use of resources, make a sign up sheet for resources such as
kitchen time 1 to 2 hours or so would work nicely. Other space can have a
sign up sheet as well; Internet, circuit hacking benches, wood/work shop.

What I'm saying is...

If someone wants to use the space correctly in anyone's eyes then they will
take the time to sign up and use that time in a manner that keeps the
direction Noisebridge is intended for. There are no more judgements after
this. Don't use your time correctly then it is no longer available until
you sign up again and if it's worth taking time to get a project done then
most won't waste it. For you that think this is incorrect because it forces
you to consider your purpose in Noisebridge other than a social club for
elite hackers well then maybe you're are also not using the space as
intended. Of course classes are easy and can be excluded for this idea or
whomever is giving them might have their own. What you can't have is
everyone you judge to drop who they are and reform themselves to your way
of thinking, you'll be very disappointed.
 So don't judge just make it so people have to think about what they need
to do ad sign up to do it.
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