[Noisebridge-discuss] Bike Lights Workshop, round 2! This Sunday / 7pm / Church

Alexandra Glowaski alex.glowaski at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 06:30:01 UTC 2013

P.S. - You will need to bring your bike.

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> Heyall,
> I know you are an awesome hacker. So why the fuck do you ride around
> without any lights?
> Oh, they're expensive. Oh, they got stolen. Oh, you are lazy. Oh, they are
> ugly. Oh, they broke.
> Well, that is too bad. None of your excuses will work against these lights!
> Come one, come all, come up to ten people to Noisebridge
> this Sunday (6/30/13) @ 7pm
> Church Classroom
> with $10-15 in your pocket for parts (or we can talk about it)
> or your own materials!
> (Ten new people will be able to use the parts I am bringing. Any veterans
> of the previous workshop would also be most welcome, as well as anyone else
> who is interested and prepared to assist our rookies. However, we will
> probably be quite short on space.)
> *** Feel free to reply here to ensure that you get a spot! If there are
> too many people, I will have to reserve materials for people who have
> RSVPed first / shown up on time. ***
> We will start at the beginning, go on until we come to the end, then
> continue on an awesome bike ride to show off our new creations. :)
> You'll end up with some water-resistant, durable, gorgeous lights that
> should make you more visible to traffic. Somethin' like this:
> www.alexglow.com/anti-love-bike-lights/
> Please plan on 3 hours for building, though things may go faster than last
> time.
> If you have an awesome set you'd like to share - PARTICULARLY with a new
> hack to teach (Arduino business, generator circuits) - please do!
> More info: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Bike_Lights_Workshop
> Cheers!
> Merlin
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Make your world! • http://alexglow.com
I welcome VSRE emails. • http://vsre.info/
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