[Noisebridge-discuss] consensus item to change door-opening policy

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 25 23:58:29 UTC 2013

Hi Jake,
I just wonder as a member of the group of "mobile phone free people", is there a way how to enter Noisebridge at the moment on my own without the help of anyone, if you have the key from the doors downstairs? I'm not around at the moment but I just would like to know if there is some option for the ones who do not want to get mobile and they would like to come to Noisebridge when no one is in - and they are members or closely associated, however you define it. I ask because many times in past I would be coming around 7 am and if key is what you need to get in fine.

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Last week (June 19th) at the meeting i instantiated a consensus item to 
require that opening the door from upstairs requires a code.

This would mean that to open the door from upstairs at noisebridge, one 
would need to either enter their code into the keypad above the intercom 
(upstairs), or by using their android app or browser page to access the 
API that way, which would still require a code.

Using the smartphone app or webpage thing would allow the user to enter 
their code only once, since it would be cached in their phone or laptop. 
So they wouldnt have to type their code all the time when letting people 

We could still have defined periods of time when a group code or even 
promiscuous mode (for 5mof for example) would get the door open, as long 
as such changes were on a set timetable, automatically expiring.  This 
stuff is not hard to do, cron has been around since 1979.

I am not suggesting that we turn off the doorbell (although people are 
working on a "doorbell tamer" to make it less annoying) but rather that we 
restrict the ability of people to let other people in, if they do not have 
a code of their own.

People will point out that those without codes can still run down the 
stairs and physically open the door, but this is a separate issue that can 
be dealt with in more conventional ways.  What I am hoping to address with 
this consensus item is to take one concrete step toward the people of 
noisebridge having better control over who accesses noisebridge the space.

Noisebridge is a very open and welcoming place to newcomers and outsiders, 
and i don't think that's a problem.  All I am saying is that those people 
should not immediately have the power to open the door for everyone else.

I won't be at the meeting because i have a pre-existing condition, but I 
hope that all present will support this consensus item and pass it.

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