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Here's my response to the Rebase Meeting Notes. I'm "JR":

JR: Need "maintainers" to handle areas: kitchen, electronics bench, 
classrooms, woodshop, etc.

scott: wants to build lockers.
     -JR: Hells yes. With locks.

mik: tiered access, people should be vouched for before they can use the 
space for more than two hours
     -JR: Hells yes.

jarrod: related to cleaning -- The Hack Shelves... define a process for 
excoriating cruft
     -JR: There are two processes needed. One for the one-time purge 
that's needed, another process for on-going maintenance.

james: Dub Rack.
     -JR: what's that?

mik: the rabble thinks NB is a place to come hang out. Ppl get buzzed in 
w/o being greeted, enculturated, etc.
     -JR: yes.

JC: if you buzz someone in, you should greet them at the door. naomi: 
post a list of procedures next to the buzzer!
     -JR: NO, this is exactly what has NOT worked up until now. We 
cannot put that expectation on users, they WILL NOT DO IT, just as THEY 
HAVE NOT BEEN DOING IT. You can say "you should" all you want, you can 
put up a list of procedures, but they STILL will not do it. And as a 
user, i do not WANT to do it-- i've got work to do. NB needs trained 

leif: NB is not going to be amenable to NOT being open to the public.
     -JR: Yes, that's supposed to be on the "Things we will not change" 
list. But does Leif mean temporary, or permanent? A temporary closure of 
any public space for renovation etc. is reasonable. If someone is 
"dependent" on the space for survival such that a two-week closure will 
cause them grief, is that NB's problem?

v: people need to be introduced to the
     -JR: To the what?

CONCERNS ABOUT ACCESS v: PPL who hack the things that we need. mik: The 
Occupiers, The Homeless People, ppl who treat this place as a shelter.
     -JR: Occupiers and homeless people hack things we need? No, they 
mostly don't hack anything.

james: keep accessibility for ppl from all walks of life.
     -JR: Yes-- TO HACK!!!

leif: everyone's empowered to ask ppl to leave.
     -JR: Terrible process, turns anyone into a self-appointed bully. 
People have been asked to leave for no good reason-- no consistency in 
criteria. Many do not want to deal with the confrontation. DOCENTS 
should handle it.

     -JR: Yes, i'm tired of being growled at, or having to walk an 
alternate route around the space to avoid confrontation with growling dogs.

naomi: let's keep the perspective of increasing friction to things 
getting hacked, not "preventing" thefts/hacking/etc
     -JR: What is "friction to things getting hacked"? We must PREVENT 
theft-- or control door access. Why is naomi against preventing theft?

leif: TechShop has an awesome waiver. If you want to work in a place 
like that, go there.
     -JR: What waiver? Is leif against improving NB?

naomi: ppl who are members and have time and energy to invest should 
realize they have an advantage over ppl who hack opportunistically. you 
can plan protection/access control into your project.
     -JR: What is "hack opportunistically"? NB is supposed to be open to 
community to hack. Naomi is demonizing non-members.
     -JR: How can i "plan access control" into an oscillator that i'm 
developing on the electronics bench? Lockers needed.

JC: welcome desk.
     -JR: Hells yes.

naomi: SIGNAGE. And, take down crufty materials that compete for 
people's attention.
     -JR: People tend to ignore signs, especially signs that say "do 
such and such". Docents, greeters, maintainers needed.
     -JR: We need maintainers to clear out outdated posted materials. A 
consistent process, not haphazard.

dana: improving the buzzer! an LED board you can program from IRC (for 
leif: How would you distribute access?
     -JR: Remove the buzzer, hand out MORE keys and codes. Any 
"approved" user can hand out 'public' codes, any member can give private 
codes and keys. Public codes can be shared with many, and revoked 
anytime as needed; private codes are secret, and for one person only.

james: Get rid of old furniture.
     -JR: Which?

JC: move the *lounge* up to the front.
     -JR: Why?

JC: wants to go through electronics bench. COLORED STICKERS for triage:
     -JR: Douglas Benner volunteered to be Electronics Bench maintainer. 
Should be shared responsibility.

mct: rip out the kitchen!?
     -JR: Food hacking/ tastebridge is essential hacking. Kick out the 
people misusing the kitchen. Remove the kitchen, and misusers will 
remain. Ripping out the kitchen is s a substitute solution, instead 
dealing with people who should not be in the space, ie., access control.

next week's theme: THE KITCHEN
     -JR: We should focus on a topic until the topic is resolved, 
whether it takes a day or a month. How can we switch to "kitchen" next 
week, with all this unfinished non-kitchen stuff?


Johny Radio
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