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Whoaaa, hello.  I "demonize non-members", do I?

Man, I better stop taking such detailed notes on my own arguments,
because apparently what I am saying when the words are written down
gets a completely different meaning from the words that come out of my

Was anyone at the Rebase meeting concerned that I was demonizing non-members?

A lot of your responses, JR, actually don't match what was said at the
meeting.  I can take responsibility for that if what is written is by
nature confusing.

Teaching moment for me: don't take detailed notes?

Is anyone else having trouble understanding what I wrote?  Please
comment whether you were at the meeting or not.  This is important.


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 4:29 PM, Johny Radio <johnyradio at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Here's my response to the Rebase Meeting Notes. I'm "JR":
> JR: Need "maintainers" to handle areas: kitchen, electronics bench,
> classrooms, woodshop, etc.
> scott: wants to build lockers.
>     -JR: Hells yes. With locks.
> mik: tiered access, people should be vouched for before they can use the
> space for more than two hours
>     -JR: Hells yes.
> jarrod: related to cleaning -- The Hack Shelves... define a process for
> excoriating cruft
>     -JR: There are two processes needed. One for the one-time purge that's
> needed, another process for on-going maintenance.
> james: Dub Rack.
>     -JR: what's that?
> mik: the rabble thinks NB is a place to come hang out. Ppl get buzzed in w/o
> being greeted, enculturated, etc.
>     -JR: yes.
> JC: if you buzz someone in, you should greet them at the door. naomi: post a
> list of procedures next to the buzzer!
>     -JR: NO, this is exactly what has NOT worked up until now. We cannot put
> that expectation on users, they WILL NOT DO IT, just as THEY HAVE NOT BEEN
> DOING IT. You can say "you should" all you want, you can put up a list of
> procedures, but they STILL will not do it. And as a user, i do not WANT to
> do it-- i've got work to do. NB needs trained greeters.
> leif: NB is not going to be amenable to NOT being open to the public.
>     -JR: Yes, that's supposed to be on the "Things we will not change" list.
> But does Leif mean temporary, or permanent? A temporary closure of any
> public space for renovation etc. is reasonable. If someone is "dependent" on
> the space for survival such that a two-week closure will cause them grief,
> is that NB's problem?
> v: people need to be introduced to the
>     -JR: To the what?
> CONCERNS ABOUT ACCESS v: PPL who hack the things that we need. mik: The
> Occupiers, The Homeless People, ppl who treat this place as a shelter.
>     -JR: Occupiers and homeless people hack things we need? No, they mostly
> don't hack anything.
> james: keep accessibility for ppl from all walks of life.
>     -JR: Yes-- TO HACK!!!
> leif: everyone's empowered to ask ppl to leave.
>     -JR: Terrible process, turns anyone into a self-appointed bully. People
> have been asked to leave for no good reason-- no consistency in criteria.
> Many do not want to deal with the confrontation. DOCENTS should handle it.
>     -JR: Yes, i'm tired of being growled at, or having to walk an alternate
> route around the space to avoid confrontation with growling dogs.
> naomi: let's keep the perspective of increasing friction to things getting
> hacked, not "preventing" thefts/hacking/etc
>     -JR: What is "friction to things getting hacked"? We must PREVENT
> theft-- or control door access. Why is naomi against preventing theft?
> leif: TechShop has an awesome waiver. If you want to work in a place like
> that, go there.
>     -JR: What waiver? Is leif against improving NB?
> naomi: ppl who are members and have time and energy to invest should realize
> they have an advantage over ppl who hack opportunistically. you can plan
> protection/access control into your project.
>     -JR: What is "hack opportunistically"? NB is supposed to be open to
> community to hack. Naomi is demonizing non-members.
>     -JR: How can i "plan access control" into an oscillator that i'm
> developing on the electronics bench? Lockers needed.
> JC: welcome desk.
>     -JR: Hells yes.
> naomi: SIGNAGE. And, take down crufty materials that compete for people's
> attention.
>     -JR: People tend to ignore signs, especially signs that say "do such and
> such". Docents, greeters, maintainers needed.
>     -JR: We need maintainers to clear out outdated posted materials. A
> consistent process, not haphazard.
> dana: improving the buzzer! an LED board you can program from IRC (for
> example).
> leif: How would you distribute access?
>     -JR: Remove the buzzer, hand out MORE keys and codes. Any "approved"
> user can hand out 'public' codes, any member can give private codes and
> keys. Public codes can be shared with many, and revoked anytime as needed;
> private codes are secret, and for one person only.
> james: Get rid of old furniture.
>     -JR: Which?
> JC: move the *lounge* up to the front.
>     -JR: Why?
> JC: wants to go through electronics bench. COLORED STICKERS for triage:
>     -JR: Douglas Benner volunteered to be Electronics Bench maintainer.
> Should be shared responsibility.
> mct: rip out the kitchen!?
>     -JR: Food hacking/ tastebridge is essential hacking. Kick out the people
> misusing the kitchen. Remove the kitchen, and misusers will remain. Ripping
> out the kitchen is s a substitute solution, instead dealing with people who
> should not be in the space, ie., access control.
> next week's theme: THE KITCHEN
>     -JR: We should focus on a topic until the topic is resolved, whether it
> takes a day or a month. How can we switch to "kitchen" next week, with all
> this unfinished non-kitchen stuff?
> Thanks!
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