[Noisebridge-discuss] Response to Rebase Notes

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 01:41:51 UTC 2013

Hey, Leif

Appreciate your thoughtful and valid points, in your previous email. 
And, sorry for suggesting you don't want to improve NB, that was silly 
of me.

On 6/26/2013 6:08 PM, Leif Ryge wrote:
> TechShop has an awesome waiver

I was wondering if you could clarify the TechShop "waiver".

> Making it more difficult to get in would be killing the goose that lays
> golden eggs.

I believe prevention is better, easier, less stressful, than banishment.

If NB distributes lots of public door codes to potential newbies 
(through tech and hacker channels, schools, etc etc etc etc), those 
folks will not have any problem getting access.



Johny Radio

Stick It In Your Ear!
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