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I'm a fairly recent first-time visitor (on a Tuesday early afternoon).  I
looked up how to get in on the wiki.  It's not at all clear which button or
phone button or whatever to press if you want in.  So I ended up standing
around for 15 minutes until a friendly guy came out for a smoke break.  I
gave myself a little tour, chatted with a few denizens, checked out the
WiFi and left.

I've attended four of five of the Ruby classes on Tuesday evenings, and
it's always a slight pain to wonder if I'll get in in time for the start of
the class.  I don't really know the protocol, so I've been leaving $10 in
the box as a small donation.  If the space were more safe/kid-friendly, I'd
be trying to sign up as a member.

I notice that the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View seems to be plenty open, but
doesn't seem to have quite the problems as Noisebridge.  Obviously the
location is different, but beyond that, there is usually someone (or
multiple people) at/near a greeting desk, and there's a nice setup where
you can optionally swipe a credit card for a random donation from $5 to $20
or something like that.  It's kind of fun.  Members get an RFID badge or

Rooting for Noisebridge,

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>  On 6/27/2013 5:34 PM, Scott Feichter wrote:
> I second the plants idea. Be happy to help on this as needed.
> +1
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