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hi, all

Two weeks ago, the Noise Hack brought about 40 folks to NB two weeks 
ago, to hack music instruments. A week ago, 6 musicians performed a 
3-movement piece of experimental music at Noisebridge, performed on 
electronic and electroacoustic instruments of their own creation.

i collected lots of hi-def video and hi-res audio of these events. i'd 
like to organize an open-source audio/video editing project, to edit 
down what we have. In about a month we'll have a screening at Noisebridge.

i'm making the raw video source files available from inside noisebridge, 
for anyone who would enjoy editing. You have to go to noisebridge 
download the video files.

The audio files can be downloaded from any location.

All links below. Please let me know if you want to work on this: 
johnyradio at gmail.com


Video From the Instrument Hack:
nearly 5 gigs of hi-def video from the instrument hacking day.


Hi-Def Video From the Jam Concert:
about 2 gigs, 1080p video, 30 fps.

cellphone video from the show, courtesy of Romy:
from the Jam Concert. 8 tracks of digital audio, collected from 3 
recorders, placed at 3 different locations in the performance space.

1st set, Grant:
"This is both performances in one zip file. The level was set a little 
low, but the recordings are 24 bit so it still sounds good after you 
increase the level. I can't wait to see the video with all of the audio 
mixed together!" -Grant, Noise Jam one-stringed Bassic Bass.

2nd set, Adam:
"I had it set to 320k mp3 rather than wav so they aren't too big (about 
80mb each)" -Adam, Noise Jam Arduino beast.
the actual performance:
the jam session afterwards:

3rd set, Johny:
"24 bit, 48Khz, 4 Channels"


Johny Radio

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