[Noisebridge-discuss] Google Reader data saving w/ ArchiveTeam; users, programmers and tech company employees needed; Deadline July 1st

Will guacamolepandemonium at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 18:32:19 UTC 2013

ArchiveTeam needs YOUR HELP in saving Google Reader's cached data[0]. Right
now we mainly need ***URLS to feeds (RSS, Atom, etc)***, which come from
crawling sites[1] to get usernames lists and topic lists (newline
separated), and from anyone with access to crawled information (also anyone
at Google or other companies/organizations that would have web crawled

Lists of urls can be submitted[2] and also OPML files[2], and lists of
keywords that are important to people (please put "querylist" in the titles
of those files)[2].

Sites looking to replace Google Reader should have an interest in the
cached data since they can then offer that to their users as a feature.

Please tell anyone you think would be interested in the ArchiveTeam Google
Reader effort!!

More information in #donereading on EFnet[3]

[0] http://archiveteam.org/index.php?title=Google_Reader


[2] http://allyourfeed.ludios.org:8080/

[3] http://chat.efnet.org:9090/?nick=&channels=%23donereading&Login=Login
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