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https://www.wepay.com/donations/gonorrhea-eradication-team [1]

Hello! For those of you who don't know, my name is Craig. My fellow 
citizen scientists in the Bay Area and I are launching our project aimed 

We need your support! We are nearly ready to begin our screening 
program and are bootstrapping the project as we speak! Please read the 
following information and let us know how you would like to help. If you 
are able to contribute funds (i.e. support our laboratory rental fees, 
help us purchase equipment, reagents or supplies, or support the 
screening of individual patients, please contribute through our online 
WePay campaign. If you would like to contribute by lending your time, 
talent, or expertise, please feel free to reply to this e-mail!

campaign: http://www.wepay.com/donations/gonorrhea-eradication-team [2]
Project Site: http://www.sudoroom.org/wiki/Phage_therapy [3]

We are a volunteer group of experienced citizen scientists working to 
foster healthy communities through innovative medical research. Our team 
includes PhD and Masters-level microbiologists, immunologists and 
cellular biologists. Together, we are taking on our first major project: 
the eradication of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea! We would like to work 
with you to: (1) Implement an on-the-street Gonorrhea screening program; 
(2) Provide a consistent feed of data that is open to the public 
(open-access); and (3) develop novel, phage therapies for the treatment 
of antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea. 


Since the 1970s, the bacterial pathogen Neisseria gonorrhoeae 
(Gonorrhea) has been developing resistance to 3rd generation 
antibiotics. These antibiotics are the last line of defense against 
gonorrheal infection. Antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea is therefore a 
growing public health concern. In the United States, this concern is 
exacerbated by the fact that primary treatments for gonorrheal 
infections are solely antibiotic-based. It is crucial to continuously 
monitor antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea while researching and developing 
new, non-antibiotic treatment regimens. 

Patients who participate in free Gonorrhea screenings will have their 
private results within 24 hours. The results will be available online 
through our data reporting system. Patients will enter in their Patient 
ID and self-generated passphrase to obtain their status.

 From this private, anonymous, and secure data, we will openly and 
freely publish results detailing the incidence and prevalence of the 
emerging antibiotic resistant strains of gonorrhea. Upon receiving 
results, patients will be counselled as to how to seek treatment.

Positive results will be reported (anonymously) to the Center for 
Disease Control and positive samples will be grown in our laboratory. 
 From these samples we will harvest and characterize the viruses that 
infect Gonorrhea. Bacterial viruses (bacteriophages or phages: viruses 
that infect only bacteria) are present in all species of bacteria and 
when active, have the potential to kill or 'shut down' their bacterial 
host. Infecting Gonorrhea with its own bacteriophage causes the bacteria 
to die. While gonorrhea is fighting its phage infection, your body will 
have time to generate a natural immune response to your gonorrhea 
infection. Bacteriophage therapy is already being used for other 
infectious diseases including tuberculosis and with your commitment, we 
can make this new gonorrhea treatment a reality! 

There are many ways to participate in this project! By contributing 
funds you can either support our lab rental, fund our equipment and 
reagent purchases, or fund our screening program. You can also 
participate by coming to our weekly meetings and lending your scientific 
brain to the project.

Here's to making the world healthier!

Craig Rouskey

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[1] https://www.wepay.com/donations/gonorrhea-eradication-team
[2] http://www.wepay.com/donations/gonorrhea-eradication-team
[3] http://www.sudoroom.org/wiki/Phage_therapy
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