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Sun Jun 30 23:09:48 UTC 2013

--Thanks, Douglas, for beginning the process of spring cleaning the 
electronics bench. We removed the two public computers from the backside 
of the bench, and personally i'd prefer the electronics bench not be 
used as a home for public computers anymore. In recent months, we 
electronics hackers have often had to squeeze in-between people watching 
YouTube videos and other non-electronics activities.

--We have a lot of great donated electronics components (which i and 
others spend many hours digging through and labeling). But we still 
waste far too much time searching for parts that NB just does not have. 
Since my request for $10/month electronics supply fund was shot down at 
a recent NB meeting, I'm cancelling my $10/mo auto-pay to Noisebridge. 
Instead, i'm going to donate the money directly to the electronics area. 
If others would like to donate a small one-time or monthly amount ($5 to 
$10) directly to Noisebridtge electronics section, then I will manage 
monthly supply purchases. The funds will be used for integrated 
circuits, tantalum capacitors, photoresistors, schmitt triggers, 
connectors, heat guns, batteries, etc. There's a lot we can do for 
relatively little money. Items will be selected on the basis of general 
usefulness to hackers. The goal is to full the holes in our core stock 
of standard components first, then specialty items after that. All 
donations received and purchases made will be posted publicly on the NB 
wiki. Paypal donation email: johnyradio at gmail.com

--it might be helpful if NB could set up need-specific subscription 
options, like "woodshop", "kitchen", "sewing area", etc. If there's an 
alternate way to funnel electronics donations, somebody plz let me know.

--As always, we welcome donated electronics components and gear. At the 
moment, we are hurting for heat guns-- they all disappeared (how's that 
RFID project coming?).

--It's really annoying for us non-members to have to hide our project 
boxes in the stacks, hoping they won't get smashed or hacked. How's that 
locker/cubby project going?

--Numerous boxes and bags of personally property belonging to Harvey 
were found stored under the electronics bench (and scattered elsewhere 
throughout the space). Thursday evening, myself and a couple others 
moved all his stuff to the 3rd-floor elevator anteroom. Although others 
were prepared to put Harvey's stuff out with the trash, I suggested he 
be given a bit more time to remove it-- apparently he was evicted or 
something. His stuff is gone now, i do not know to where.


Johny Radio

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