[Noisebridge-discuss] Local chapter of Engineers Without Borders needs a volunteer IT person

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Wed Jun 12 15:07:42 UTC 2013

The local Chapter of Engineers Without Borders needs a volunteer to
help out with general IT needs. This mostly involves maintaining their
website, mailing-lists and document/file-sharing/collaboration tools.
For more details, see below.

I was responsible for taking care of this a few years back. The person
who replaced me left without arranging for someone to replace him...so
I find myself helping out occasionally. But I really don't have time
to devote to to this right now. The hope is to find a reliable someone
with good technical and communication skills.

Please contact me off-list if you're interested, and feel free to
forward/re-post this if you know someone who might be interested.


The local chapter's website is:  http://ewb-sfp.org

We're on a shared host with:

* Drupal
* Twiki
* GNU Mailman for mailing lists
* cpanel
* ssh access

The ability to configure & maintain a Drupal install would be helpful.
If you're interested in helping but have an aversion to Drupal -- and
are good at banging together websites using alternate (but reasonably
standard and maintainable) tools, that could be an option too.

An immediate goal is to maintain the existing systems, but the longer
term goal is to help determine what tools & strategies would best
serve the needs of the chapter and help members migrate to them as

For example, Twiki is used for the internal knowledge base, though
not everyone in the chapter uses it and there are frequent complaints
that it's not the easiest thing to figure out. It gets (ab)used for
file sharing large documents, often multiple revs, where something
like Dropbox could be more appropriate. Some members are using Dropbox
informally, but it would be good to coordinate and train folks so that
important documents are backed up properly (ie, understand Dropbox is
convenient for file transfer & sharing but it's not the most robust
backup/archiving solution).

Thanks for reading,


John Magolske

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